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3 Ways Mersive’s Solstice Pod Improves Conference Room Collaboration

Posted by Victoria Zilempe on Mar 27, 2018 1:54:11 PM


Conducting a meeting is hard enough. Now add the hiccups that come along with the technology involved in giving a presentation or sharing your work while using just a projector.

Meetings are slowed down, and participants are left waiting, slowly losing interest as you fumble to find the right cable to switch from one presenter to the next.

Mersive has taken this problem and offered a simple, easy to integrate solution - the Mersive Solstice Pod.

Mersive’s Solstice pod makes meetings more productive. Its many features encourage participant engagement and improve meeting start-up time. It takes a conference room setup that was once wired and bogged down to one person at a time and makes it wholly wireless and establishes true collaboration.

If your organization is in the process of upgrading your conference rooms, here are three ways Mersive’s Solstice Pod improves your company’s collaboration.

1. You can share content from any device connected to WIFI

With Mersive’s Solstice pod you can share content from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. This means you can walk into a meeting with just your smartphone in hand, and still participate and share your work with the group. No more missed opportunities because you ran late and forgot your laptop, or the many wires typically required to connect a device to a projector.

Mersive offers a downloadable app that allows you to connect and share straight from your smartphone or tablet. The application is the same on every device, providing a consistent experience. You have multiple ways to share with this app, no matter what method you are using.

You can share your entire desktop, just a portion of your screen, or specific images. You get full control of what meeting participants are seeing, allowing you to protect your sensitive documents.

2. The Ability to Share as Much Content as Needed with Control

Solstice removes technical barriers and allows for any number of users to share any amount of content. Meeting participants are encouraged to engage and share their work, in turn making meetings more productive and worthwhile, no matter how big or small a session is.

With the ability for any number of users to share any amount of content comes the issue of control. You don’t want to have a meeting of 20 people with everyone trying to share their content at once; it would make for a very hectic time.

Solstice solves this problem by offering the option for content to need approval before being shared, which helps keep meetings on track while providing all the benefits of content sharing.

3. Secure collaboration

One of the most significant challenges when it comes to collaboration is how to achieve it while keeping your own network secure. If you have guests that come to the office, you might not want them accessing your regular network, and most places will have guest Wi-Fi setup instead.

In some cases, and with other collaboration software this might be a significant issue.

The Solstice pods duel-network keeps guests and corporate users separate while offering them seamless collaboration. The pod has two network interface cards that have separate and distinct routing tables, along with two different Wi-Fi/Ethernet networks. This allows for seamless collaboration and secure networks on both ends.

So, if your organization has guest and corporate Wi-Fi, anyone connected to either network will be able to collaborate on the same Solstice pod.

Many challenges come along with conducting a meeting. One of the most significant problems that can often get overlooked is the way people share information.

Collaboration is a significant part of sharing information and being able to do so seamlessly and flawlessly can make any office more efficient.

Mersive’s Solstice Pod enables an organization to achieve this, without placing limits on how much collaboration is necessary. The Solstice pod continues to be a fantastic addition to any conference room and will make meetings in your office more about collaboration and less about who controls the projector.

Victoria Zilempe

Written by Victoria Zilempe

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